Unexpectedly working from home?

Look at the PROPOSAL tab for links to my favourite products including my stool!

I also have these excellent resources to share with you….

Lots of tips and advice from Posture People

Osteopath stretching advice: https://www.posturepeople.co.uk/ask-an-osteopath-the-best-stretches-when-working-from-home/?mc_cid=c868f31325&mc_eid=315d50c095

Local massage therapist Maria Pali can help remotely with exercises if you are experiencing problems and I recommend her once we can have massages again. She does corporate onsite massages and workstation assessments as well.

Mental health: https://www.mariapali.co.uk/10-ways-to-stay-on-top-of-your-mental-health-during-self-isolation/

Lighting: https://workinmind.org/2020/03/31/how-to-light-your-home-workspace/

Productivity: 3 ways to manage your time more effectively -