Online consultation - up to 2 hours


This consultation can be used in two ways:

1. As an initial consultation to look at a large project and site online together, to see if we are a good fit and to start the ball rolling on your project and its brief.

2. Or it can be used as a one-off meeting to look at:

  • solving a problem area together,
  • space planning,
  • sourcing items,
  • finding tradespeople,
  • finding a bespoke item,
  • designing a bespoke item,
  • or help with a colour scheme

How does the appointment work?

This appointment happens via a video conferencing call.

I will need you to ideally be on a computer - or if not a tablet or smart phone is OK.

We can also do it as a regular call or Facetime call.

A video call link will be sent to you separately.

Please complete questionnaire ahead of the meeting so we use the time effectively.

You take the notes during the call and put them into action yourself from there. I will send you any follow up promised during the call such as sketches, items, sample links.

Often this is enough to help steer clients and set them up to do a project themselves. Interior design help doesn't need to be expensive. An investment in some guidance early on can help to save you making expensive mistakes.

I specialise in cruelty free (vegan), healthy and sustainable interior design so can provide specifications to suit if required

I'll do as much as I can in the two hours. It may need longer - for which there are two follow on options should you want them:

  1.  follow up add on service
  2.  or another 2 hour consultation.

This will involve an extra fee. See consultation at bottom of page.

The appointment is up to 2 hours. Depending on the help you need the video call part might only be one hour, with the rest of the time spent on follow up.

48 hours notice is required for cancellations.

Consultation to be paid for one week prior to appointment.

Are you happy to go ahead and book?

Next steps…

  1.  PURCHASE consultation

  2.  Fill in your details

  3.  Sign in and pay

You'll then receive further instructions about the intake questionnaire and booking the appointment.

If you have any queries or difficulties please call me on 07799 534685.


Consultation client testimonials:

Two hour consultation client. Rustington:

I needed urgent advice on the aesthetics of a home extension and reached out to Chloe from Materialise Interiors. Chloe arranged an online consultation later that day and had prepared for the conversation by looking at plans I sent in advance. She was patient and supportive and clearly understood my dilemma with how to best light a high sloping ceiling amongst other key design elements. Chloe provided creative solutions that I had not considered and sent me pictures of examples. My own personal project page was established and sent to me too. I was so impressed by the care and attention given along with the creative design solutions suggested. In a short video call I had my challenges solved and felt relieved and positive. Chloe’s manner is so reassuring yet professional and her creativity and understanding of my individual needs were perfect!

Thanks for your time last week, you’ve given me some fantastic ideas! I will certainly recommend you if I can or if I know anyone that might be interested in your services.

Two hour consultation client. Hurstpierpoint:

Thanks for your time last week, you’ve given me some fantastic ideas! I will certainly recommend you if I can or if I know anyone that might be interested in your services.

Residential client. Worthing:

Chloe’s advice was invaluable during our kitchen extension. She helped us to realise the potential of the space available in a kind, sensitive and friendly manner. She was also considerate of the age of the building and the style required. She helped us with sourcing materials and cementing the design scheme. Thank you Chloe.



Will you provide solutions during the consultation?

You can appreciate there are lots of variables here. Interior design covers very many areas and specifications! I will do my best. I will have access to my product library during the call - but some things might have to follow on afterwards. I won't be able to answer everything on the spot. The better you prepare me for areas you need help - the more prepared I will be. Depending on the amount you need to work through - sometimes I finish the consultation early to use the time to work on things you need sourcing. Or I can do further sourcing for you if you purchase a CONSULTATION FOLLOW UP

Will you write up notes for me?

No. You make notes during the consultation. If you tell me before the consultation that you need the notes taking - you can pre-purchase the CONSULTATION FOLLOW UP and I will write notes and send them to you afterwards.

I struggle using computers - can I book and pay over the phone?

Please call me on 07799 534685. I can take PayPal payments or cash if that it easier. The appointment needs to be prepaid a week before the consultation.